A Response to face the Context

In 2021, more than 20 civil society organizations and philanthropic organizations, including Fundar, joined forces to analyze the national and regional context and to create strategies to strengthen the civic space, that is, of rights and freedoms such as freedom of expression or association. Based on these efforts and reflections, we collectively developed the Guía de respuesta a amenazas políticas [Guide for Responding to Political Threats]. This guide is focused on analyzing the risks presented by political threats, whether to discredit, stigmatize, or undermine the work of organizations or individuals, and also on proposing measures to prevent and protect these types of threats. The guide has already been used by one organization in the collective in response to an explicit threat they received. In addition, the guide seeks to be an adaptable tool for the 25 organizations that are part of the collective, and other groups and organizations, so that everyone has general prevention and response guidelines according to their conditions and circumstances.