And Life Comes Before Mines

As part of the struggle for life, in 2022 we promoted initiatives to reform the Mining Law so it will respect the rights of indigenous peoples and human rights in general. As a member of the collective CambiémoslaYa (LetsChangeItNow)—made up of indigenous peoples, communities, civil organizations, movements, academics, and defenders of land and territory—Fundar participated in creating proposals and recommendations to improve this public policy, which the collective presented to representatives of congress, who analyzed and considered them to present four reform initiatives. These proposals included removing the preferential nature and public utility of mining so as not to position it above other activities, such as agriculture, and so the State cannot expropriate the territories and their resources to build mines. In addition, the proposals aim to change the framework and abusive regime of the concessions, which are currently granted for 50 years and can be renewed for the same amount of time. At CambiémoslaYa, we want exploration concessions to be reduced to two years and exploitation concessions to 15, thus reducing the control that mining companies have over the territories and communities. Presenting the four initiatives is the first step toward reforming the current mining law in the next legislative period.