Better Processes for Public Appointments

The Public Appointments Observatory, an initiative promoted by A19 and Fundar, achieved the installation of a Citizen Council made up of higher education institutions and civil society organizations, which applied an evaluation methodology to the candidates for commissioners of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information, and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) to identify suitable profiles. The process included the use of feedback evaluation forms provided by the Observatory, the assessment of candidates’ performance during interviews, the publication of evaluations carried out by parliamentary groups and the Council, and a list of profiles that obtained the most outstanding evaluations.

This was possible due to the implementation of a strategy that included the preparation of technical documents, dialogue with decision-makers, the creation of materials that explained the process in simple language, media presence, coordination with various civil society organizations, and a public activation that allowed the importance of appointments to be dimensioned. The process has faced significant delays and obstacles, but represents an important advance in transforming public appointment practices and the discussion it has generated, as it has allowed for public deliberation on the suitability of profiles based on a citizen evaluation exercise.